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In 1979, a St. Charles-area farmer came into our office, complaining about feed quality of the haylage he was storing in his 20’ x 90’ Harvestore silo, which he had recently purchased.  At that time, a Harvestore silo was considered the “Cadillac” of all silos.  A lawsuit was filed, which ultimately led to the discovery of damning evidence against A.O. Smith, Inc. (AOSHIPI) that established why the advertising claims by AOSHIPI about the Harvestore silo were false.

This first case, a classic David and Goliath battle, helped spawn an explosion of claims by other farmers in Minnesota and across the United States against Harvestore, which ultimately led to the end of widespread use of the once-mighty Harvestore silo. As a result of this litigation, defrauded farmers were able to recover millions in dollars to compensate them for their losses incurred by a defective product.

Since that time, Will Mahler has continued to fight for farmers against companies responsible for selling faulty products, providing bad nutrition advice, or allowing harmful levels of stray voltage to enter the dairy - no matter how big and powerful the company.  Our firm has successfully represented farmers in claims against NSP & other electric utilities, A.O. Smith Corporation, AOSHIPI, J-Star Inc., Bou-Matic, DeLaval, John Deere and Rochester Silo, Land O' Lakes, in addition to numerous feed elevator companies, that provided nutritionists who gave faulty advice on feeding dairy cows. He has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of farmers in such claims.

We will be happy to provide the names and telephone numbers of farmers who are very happy that they contacted the Will Mahler Law Firm to recover damages for their losses.  Will Mahler has been recognized as one of a handful of lawyers in the Midwest with the knowledge and experience to properly represent livestock farmers in situations where milk production, rate of gain or death loss was caused by the fault of another individual or company.  Profit margins are far too narrow to simply walk away from significant production losses that are caused by stray voltage, faulty products or bad nutrition advice.  He has also successfully represented farmers in claims involving the faulty installation of milking equipment, improper application of herbicides, as well as claims for stray voltage. Stray voltage is the silent killer on countless farms. Oftentimes the farmer is out of business before he can even realize that production losses were not his fault.

The legislature has imposed strict time limits for individuals, including farmers, to bring claims for damages.  It is for this reason that putting off the decision to discuss your situation with a competent attorney familiar with farm issues is not in your best interests. Once the time to bring a claim lapses, there is no opportunity to present your claim, no matter how strong.  Many farmers that owned Harvestore silos learned the hard way about waiting too long before contacting an attorney.

If you believe that your production losses were caused by the fault of another individual or company, it is important that you obtain a prompt and thorough analysis of your situation to determine if, in fact, you have a claim.  Simply give Will Mahler a call – he will be happy to discuss your claim on the phone.  He will also be more than happy to travel to your farm to personally discuss your situation in greater detail at no cost or obligation.  Based on 30 years of experience, he has developed a network of very able and competent dairy scientists, including veterinarians, nutritionists, milking equipment specialists and agricultural economists, who can help analyze whether a claim is warranted.

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